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Ride the Rocket with


Bullrun Express Powering Through on Solana
Your First-Class Ticket to Meme Coin Madness! 


Turbocharge Past Them with Flair and Fun

Who says meme coins can’t lead the pack? Not us! Bullrun Inu isn’t just playing the game, it's changing it! Strap in for some serious speed and unbeatable crypto fun as we zoom past the competition.

Get ready for a wild ride with $BULL, where we mix insane memes with insanely cool features. 

 Why just join when you 

With Bullrun Inu, you're not following the wave, you are the wave! Dive into the revolution and make waves with us as we sprint to the front of the crypto pack, fueled by innovation, unity, and non-stop growth.

Bullrun Inu

Total Supply: One Billion

Contract Address:

70% LP

10% Exchanges

10% Burn

5% Team

5% Marketing


Non-Stop Crypto Party!


The Pre-Launch Hype Tsunami
  • Twitter Like, Comment, and Retweet Contest
  • Website Reveal Bash:
  • Interactive Community Challenges
  • Stealth Launch
  • Weekly Giveaways


The Bullrun Blockbuster
  • Ambassador Program Kickoff
  • Meme Creation Contests:
  • Partnership Announcements
  • CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko Listings
  • Crypto Trivia Nights


The Bullrun Blastoff
  • End-of-Year $BULL Fest
  • More Giveaways and Contests
  • Exchange Listings
  • Community-Led Projects:
  • New Year’s Eve $BULL Drop


The Marketing Juggernaut
  • Global Advertising Campaigns
  • Influencer Shoutout Series:
  • Exclusive Holder Events
  • Creative Video Contests:
  • Pop-up Community Meetups
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